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Word of the day: Brood / Marty Robbins

Word of the day:

Brood:  ninhada, filhotes, parentesco, linhagem, laia, raça, descendência, prole, meditar, pensar, afagar, amimar,preocupar-se com alguma coisa
Synonyms: set, hatch, incubate, sit, ruminate, worry, mope, dwell on, fret, agonize, litter, family, clutch

“…a hen and her brood of chicks…”
“Mrs. Smith took her brood to church every Sunday.”
“He brooded over his mistake.” (www.merriam-webster.com)



Vídeo: The Girl With Gardenias In Her Hair (Marty Robbins)

Lyrics:   (Fonte: http://www.azlyrics.com/)

One starry night in a little town in old Mexico
I found my love down by the sea where soft trade winds blow
She came in the night with perfume that sweetened the air
And I lost my heart to the girl with gardenias in her hair
I glanced her way she smiled and my heart started to sing
She came into my arms and the night became a sweet magic thing
When I held her close I knew I'd follow her anywhere
And I lost my heart to the girl with gardenias in her hair
We shared through the night our love until the first light of dawn
Then one last kiss and like a whisper on the wind she was gone
I go each night to the places where she once spoke my name
Some call me fool they say I'm chasing only a dream
But I know one day I'll turn and suddenly she'll be there
And I'll spend my life with the girl with gardenias in her hair


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