segunda-feira, 30 de setembro de 2013

Word of the day: Lurk

Lurk:  espreitar, atalaiar, emboscar
Synonyms: sneak, mooch, mouse, pussyfoot, shirk, skulk, slide, slink, slip, snake, steal

“She could tell there was someone out there lurking in the shadows.”
“We caught a glimpse of someone lurking around the corner.”

sábado, 28 de setembro de 2013

Take My True Love By The Hand

Take My True Love By The Hand - The Limeliters (Trilha sonora de BREAKING BAD)

Times are getting hard boys
Money's getting scarce
Times don't get no better boys
Gonna leave this place.
Take my true love by her hand
Lead her through the town
Say goodbye to everyone
Goodbye to everyone.
Had a job a year ago
Had a little home
Now I've got no place to go
Guess I'll have to roam.
Take my true love by her hand
Lead her through the town
Say goodbye to everyone
Goodbye to everyone.
Every wind that blows boys
Every wind that blows
Carries me to some new place
Heaven only knows.
Take my true love by her hand
Lead her through the town
Say goodbye to everyone
Goodbye to everyone.
Times are getting hard boys
Money's getting scarce
Times don't get no better boys
Gonna leave this place.
Take my true love by her hand
Lead her through the town
Say goodbye to everyone
Goodbye to everyone.
Take my true love by her hand
Lead her through the town
Say goodbye to everyone
Goodbye to everyone.
Say goodbye to everyone
Goodbye to everyone.

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Word of the day: Spout

Spout: jato, jorro, repuxo, cano, tubo, bica,biqueira de descarga,  casa de penhor, esguichar, verter, espirrar,  correr, sair com força, precipitar as frases,  penhorar, empenhar
Synonyms: jet, pour, rush, spew, gush, spurt, squirt, swoosh
“The well was spouting oil.”
“She kept spouting on and on about politics.”

Hump day

Hump day: O meio da semana (quarta-feira)
Obs.: subentende-se a ideia de que já se conseguiu passar pela metade e o fim de semana está mais próximo
“After hump day, the weekend gets closer.”
 “We're on the other side of hump day, with the weekend in sight.”

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sexta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2013

Dilma reclama do Obama

Dilma reclama do Obama (Washington Post)

Word of the day: Mull

Mull: ponderar, meditar, preparar uma bebida quente feita com vinho ou cerveja, açúcar e condimentos, espécie de musselina
Synonyms: chew over, think over, meditate, ponder, excogitate, contemplate, muse, reflect, mull, mull over, ruminate, speculate

“People in other professions can mull over their futures for months, if not years.”  (

Not worth a hill of beans

Not worth a hill of beans not worth a plugged nickel
-sem validade, inútil, sem valor, imprestável, sem merecimento
“ Your advice isn't worth a hill of beans.”

“This old cow isn't worth a plugged nickel.”

quinta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2013

Word of the day: Spree

Spree: farra, bebedeira, divertimento
Synonyms: binge, frisk, frolic, gambol, lark, ploy, revel, rollick, romp, fling

“They went on a killing spree.”
“…went on a spending spree…”

Obs.: We were on the spree. (Fizemos uma farra.) To go for a spree. ( Fazer uma farra)

Over the hill

Over the hill: que escapou da prisão ou do exército / muito velho para fazer algo
“Two privates went over the hill last night.”
 “They broke out of jail and went over the hill.”
“You're only fifty! You're not over-the-hill yet.”

“Some people seem over-the-hill at thirty.”  (

quarta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2013

Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane

The Sandhill Crane is a species of large crane of North America and extreme northeastern Siberia. The common name of this bird references habitat like that at the Platte River, on the edge of Nebraska's Sandhills in the American Midwest.
Scientific name: Grus canadensis
Rank: Species
Higher classification: Grus

Lower classifications: Greater Sandhill Crane

Sobre  Sandhill Crane:

Word of the day: Newlywed

Newlywed: recém-casado
Synonyms: just married, wedding couple, happy couple, bride and groom, bride, groom, couple
“They took pictures of the happy newlyweds.”

“Melbourne actor Rachel Griffiths saw in the new year as a newlywed.”  (

Hearts and minds

Hearts and minds of: complete apoio de alguém, apoio intelectual e emocional

“I thought the president could have done a better job of reaching the hearts and minds of the American people in his speech on television yesterday.” (

terça-feira, 24 de setembro de 2013

Word of the day: Ballsy

Ballsy(col.):  corajoso, ousado
Synonyms: gutsy, nervy

“She's quite a ballsy lawyer.”
“…a ballsy attempt to sneak out of the house…”


Get back on the horse

Get back on the horse: tentar de novo algo que falhou, tentar mais uma vez

“The only way to feel better about Penny going out with other guy is for you to get back on the horse.”  (

segunda-feira, 23 de setembro de 2013

Word of the day: Kingpin

Kingpin:  chefe, pessoa mais importante no grupo, pino mestre.
Synonyms: key player, top dog, number one, linchpin, honcho, leading light, superstar, ace, principal
“Adam Gartrell An Indonesian people-smuggling kingpin has been jailed for arranging an ill.”          (

Wheels within wheels

Wheels within wheels: que é complicado, que envolve coisas que não são bem claras ou entendidas

 “It's difficult to find out just which government agency is responsible; there are wheels within wheels.”  (

domingo, 22 de setembro de 2013

Flamingo (Florida birds)

•  Flamingos or Flamingoes are a type of wading bird in the genus Phoenicopterus, the only genus in the family Phoenicopteridae.
There are four flamingo species in the Americas and two species in the Old World.
Scientific name: Phoenicopterus
Rank: Genus
Higher classification: Phoenicopteridae
Lower classifications: American Flamingo, Lesser Flamingo

Word of the day: Behoove

Behoove:  convir, ser conveniente,  caber a, tocar a
Synonyms: be somebody's duty
“Considering you can spend between $400 and $3500 for a good Nikon SLR camera these days, it would behoove.”
“It behooves me.” ( cabe a mim.)


…the longest word with only one vowel is ‘strengths’ (9 letters long).
…there are only 4 words that end with ‘-dous’: ‘tremendous’, ‘stupendous’, ‘hazardous’ and ‘horrendous’.
…the oldest word is ‘town’.
…the longest one-syllable word is ‘screeched’.
Obs.: screech: grito alto (de terror ou dor)

By the skin of (one's) teeth

By the skin of (one's) teeth: por quase nada, por uma margem minima, por muito pouco

 Doug passed the exam by the skin of his teeth.”

sábado, 21 de setembro de 2013

Word of the day: Screech

Screech: grito alto (de terror ou dor),gritar (de terror ou dor)
Synonyms: howl, scream, shriek, shrill, squall, squeal, yelp, yell

“I screeched when I saw the mouse.”
“He kept screeching at the children to pay attention.”

“You can't do this to me!” she screeched.”       (



…the longest word with all the letters in alphabetical order is ‘almost’.
…the only two words that end ‘-gry’ are ‘hungry’ and ‘angry’.
…the longest word without the main vowels is ‘rhythms’.
…the dot on top of the letter ‘i’ is called a ‘tittle’. (não confundir com’ title’)

…the most commonly-used word in conversation is ‘I'

Get under (someone’s) skin

Get under (someone’s) skin

(irritar , aborrecer, provocar, tornar-se  uma obsessão)

“This woman always gets under my skin but I do not know why.” = Esta mulher sempre me irrita muito mas eu não sei por quê.
“Tom loves that girl too much. I would say she got under his skin.”  =Tom ama muito aquela garota. Eu diria que ela se tornou uma obsessão para ele
“John is so annoying. He really gets under my skin.”
“I know he's bothersome, but don't let him get under your skin.”  (

sexta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2013

Word of the day: Bylaw

Bylaw: lei ou regimento interno de cidade, companhia ou clube
Synonyms: rule, ground rule, reg, regulation

“The club's bylaws bar any member whose annual dues remain unpaid from voting in the election.”     (   

Fade away

Fade away: ir enfraquecendo, sumindo, desaparecendo

“The rattles and clunks of her old bicycle faded away as she rode away from the town.”

“ The dreams he'd had as an idealistic young doctor faded away as the years passed.”

quinta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2013

Word of the day

Thug:  matador, assassino,  membro de uma antiga organização religiosa hindu de ladrões e assassinos

Synonyms: bully, gangbanger, gangsta, gangster, goon, gorilla, homeboy, hood, hooligan
 “He was beaten and robbed by street thugs.”

“The Mob boss regularly sent his thugs after people who were slow to pay their debts.”

Factor in

Factor in: levar algo em consideração no planejamento ou cálculo de alguma coisa

“ Don't forget to factor in transport costs when you make the quotation.”

“ You need to factor the political situation in when deciding on a country to invest in.”

quarta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2013

Word of the day: Quibble

Quibble:  minúcia, ninharia, preocupar-se com minúcias ou ninharias
Synonyms: carp, cavil, fuss, niggle, nitpick

“He spent the entire evening quibbling about the historical inaccuracies in the television series on World War II.”
”Don't quibble over who gets to sit in front.”

Face up to

Face up to: enfrentar uma situação que é difícil

“We have to face up to the challenge of competing with new companies and new products.”

“It's time I faced up to the fact that I'm getting older and I have to start saving money for the future.” (

Blood is thicker than water

Blood is thicker than water  /  Blood runs thicker than water: Relações familiares são mais importantes que outras coisas, família vem em primeiro lugar
“My friends invited me to go camping on Saturday, but I have to go to my cousin's wedding instead. Blood is thicker than water, after all.”

“If you ever need help, don't ask your friends. Come home and ask us, your family. Blood runs thicker than water.”

terça-feira, 17 de setembro de 2013

Word of the day: Stump

Stump:  toco, toro, cepa, coto, parte de um membro amputado,toco (de cigarro, de lápis etc.),perna, local de comício polític

Synonyms: base, stub, butt, remains, remnant, end, nubbin

Stump of a red wax candle.”
“There may be a few pine stumps among the field maple.”


1.)     Fall for: cair em alguma mentira ou engano, ser enganado, acreditar em algo falso ou alguma brincadeira, ser enganado

“Don't fall for email scams which promise to make you a lot of money.”

“ Lots of people fell for our April Fool's joke when we claimed that the UN was going to ban all languages except for English.”

2.)     Fall for: apaixonar-se por alguém, “ficar caído por alguém”

“I fell for Becky on our first date, and I knew then and there that she was the one for me.”

“My teenage daughter is going through that crazy stage when she says she's fallen for a different boy every month or two.”

segunda-feira, 16 de setembro de 2013

Word of the day: Grapple

Grapple: agarramento, luta corpo a corpo, garra, agarrar, segurar, abraçar, lutar, brigar
Synonyms: clasp, clench, hold, grasp, grip, handgrip, handhold

“…was simply unable to break my opponent's viselike grapple and lost the wrestling match…”
“After a grapple with his conscience, he confessed to having an affair.”