terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2014

Word of the day: Quaint Quaint / Don’t get started

Word of the day: Quaint

Quaint:  estranho, esquisito, singular, fantástico
Synonyms: bizarre, cranky, crazy, curious, eccentric, erratic, far-out, funky, funny, kinky, kooky, offbeat, outlandish, out-of-the-way, peculiar, odd, queer, quirky, remarkable, screwy, spaced-out

“The fishing village was very quaint.”
“The writer talks about the quaint customs of the natives.”
“Almost everything in the quaint little town beguiles, from its architecture to its art to its people.” (www.merriam-webster.com)

a quaint house...


Don’t get started
-nem começa!
-não começa com isto!
-nem vem com essa!
Don’t get started! We’ll do things as I had planned and that’s it.”
(Nem começa! Vamos fazer as coisas como eu tinha planejado e está acabado.)


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